Hacking Wifi via Android Phones Easy : Secure your Networks !

Hacking Wifi via Android Phones Easy : Secure your Networks ! Secure your Networks !

War Driving is when a hacker travels to any vicinity to hack a wifi network . Earliar this was limited due to the baggage of carrying the laptops …. Now with Android Smartphones becoming more computational and powerful , War Driving is easier than ever . Now all you need is an Android phone to just hack the Wifi networks anywhere you go . War Driving At Rise , the need of securing our Wifi networks is even more .

Once an attacker is on your network , all sorts of internal attacks are possible , such as MITM , ARP Poisoning , DNS Poisoning , SSL Strip and what not . Therefore it is advisable to use strong encryption to secure the Wifi Networks .

Here is a quick Tutorial for the Penetration testers to Demonstrate How easy it is to hack Wifi networks using a Simple Application freely availible on Play Store .

#Author of this post holds no responsibility of the Damages you do or happen to your device . This is purely for Educational Purposes .  

Hacking Wifi via Android Phones


  • The First step here is to Root your Android Phone . The Application that plays an important role in our Penetration testing needs the Root Privileges .
    Download KingRoot
 or  http://forum.xda-developers.com/android/apps-games/one-click-root-tool-android-2-x-5-0-t3107461

One can freely use google for more applications that can help in the Rooting of your Android Device . There are lots and lots of them present , Just Google and you can find plenty of Applications that Root Android Device . Install Any !

For the Sake of this tutorial we will take example of KingRoot App .

  • Open king root, Click the mystery button and wait.
  • If you see a green check then you rooted your phone.
  • #Note: After that, KingRoot may ask you to install KingUser to take control of root permissions [king user is like Super SU] .

# Be very Cautious while giving Root permissions to an Application . Root Permissions Allow to alter anything in your Android Device . Author Hold no Responsibility for any damages done by this App . 

  • Download WPS Connect from PLAYSTORE 
  • Once you open WPS connect , this application will ask for a root permission . Click allow.
  • Click on the refresh icon up you should be able to see some wifi to hack. click on the wifi you want to hack, choose a pin, wait.

Note:This wouldn’t hack 100% the wifi you want. Though many will be hacked . There are lots of other applications present on Play store that will help you in hacking the wifi . Just Google.

War Driving : What you can do to get more connections:

1-Drive with your car near your house so you can locate more Wifi routers
2-Try to hack every single one of them,try different wps pins.
3-Once you connect to a one go for another
This way,When you are near that wifi your phone will Automatically connect to that wifi.

Note: After you re open the Application latter you may see the password of a Wifi you were hacking.
How to know if that happened with you?
1-Open WPS connect
2-Click on the 3 dots icon
3-Click show password
#To increase the signal of the router and know what is the best location for it download this app:


It helps a lot.



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